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Kishigo Brisk Cooling Hard Hat Sun Shield

SKU: ML-1624
SKU: ML-1624


This Hi-Vis hard-hat sunshield from Kishigo adds another layer of protection from the hot sun by covering exposed head and neck regions and soothing the skin with brisk cooling technology. Simply submerge the fabric in water, and the material will provide cooling relief for up to 10 hours. The elastic band fits over most hard hats.
  • Promotes comfort and endures safety in high heat conditions
  • Provides extended cooling comfort and heat stress prevention
  • Elastic band to fit over most hard hats
  • 5/8" wide high performance reflective material with contrasting material
  • Lightweight, durable and reusable
  • Activated by simply submerging in water
  • Cooling lasts for 5-10 hours and can be re-activated by re-submerging in water
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Specialized fabrics and fibers create an advanced water management system, called HyperKewl
  • HyperKewl absorbs, stores and releases water within the multi-layered structure
  • The fabrics cool itself through evaporation and a chill effect is created
  • Users can expect the evaporative cooling fabric to provide temperatures that are up to 15-20° cooler than the ambient temperature
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