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Knee Pads

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Not every task is at a comfortable working height. When the job requires you to work closer to the ground, be sure to keep your knees cushioned against the hard surface with knee pads and kneeling pads from Zip’s Outfitters.


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    Portwest Kneeling Pad

    Reduce knee and back strain and work longer on the ground with this lightweight kneeling pad from Portwest. Formed with inch-thick EVA foam cushioning, the anti-fatigue pad includes an integral carrying handle.

    Portwest Super Gel-Filled Knee Pads

    Silicone gel inserts protect joints and give great wearer comfort with these Super gel-filled knee pads from Portwest. The strong outer shell offers protection and traction, and the ergonomically designed and tested straps ensure no pinching to the back of the wearers leg.

    Portwest Ultimate Gel-Filled Knee Pads

    Save your knees while working on hard surfaces with these ultimate gel-filled knee pads from Portwest. The cushioned pair are designed to give stability by virtue of their flexible and wide surface areas, and the ergonomically designed and tested straps ensure no pinching to the back of the leg.

    Portwest Pair of Knee Pads

    Ergonomically designed to hug your knee.

    Portwest Lightweight Knee Pads

    Lightweight wrap-around design.

    Portwest Thigh Supported Knee Pads

    Durable neoprene thigh straps help to keep the kneepad in place without cutting off circulation. A heavy duty non-slip shield protects the knees from cuts or scratches on any type of terrain. This knee pad has comfortable but durable core soft gel and EVA foam padding cushion.