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In The Ditch offers a variety of products to make the lives of towing operators easier and safer. Browse our line of premium products and replacement parts from In The Ditch including towing dollies, jacks, racks, mounts, gas cans and more.

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    ITD Safety Face Shield

    Designed with the help of doctors and nurses, this Safety Face Shield 24/7 is just what is needed for maximum protection. Today s new normal requires taking the proper precautions. These face shields are not just for first responders, nurses and doctors, but for any employee, operator, or contractor dealing with the public or in a workplace environment with confined spaces where social distancing is not always available.

    ITD 8" or 9" Replacement Safety Face Shield

    This is a REPLACEMENT Shield to part number ITD-1900-KIT

    Safety Face Shield 24/7 was designed with the help of doctors and nurses for first responders. This Face Shield has a transparent replaceable fog free visor and adjustable head band. Our 24/7 Face Shield is designed to wear all day. This full facial protection comes with our standard-length Face shield that was designed to be worn by those who will be bending their head down a lot during their work day. This Face shield can be used as a sneeze guard and used as a dust particle shield as well. If you will be standing in a line and don t have to bend your head down a lot, we suggest you buy the extra XL 9" replacement Visor. Designed by Idahoans to help keep people safe and keep people employed.
    • This Full Facial Protection Shield is designed to help protect your whole face from liquid spray, coughs, droplets and offer splash protection
    • Face Shield is comfortable enough to wear all day due to ergonomic shape and foam head band liner
    • Head band liner is made from EPD/Neoprene/SBR Closed Cell Water Resistant Foam
    • Can be washed with soap and up to 130-degree water and air-dried (light agitation, not dishwasher safe, must remove Face Shield)
    • Can be sprayed with Isopropyl Alcohol and Water Mix and air dried then re-used
    • Anti-Fog Visor is removable and replaceable in seconds. You can clean Visor over and over and when scratched just quickly replace with our Replacement Visor or Option XL Visor
    • Designed with the help of doctors and nurses for first responders
    • This is the replacement shield only. Please see part number ITD-1900-KIT for the full Face Shield
    • 8" is the standard replacement shield
    • 9" is the XL replacement shield
    8" - 9"